Our ethos and values

Through self reflection, increased awareness and a whole setting approach prevention and early intervention will be achieved

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The MindMate Programme is designed to promote an ethos of prevention and early intervention within settings by creating an environment where all Children & Young People feel safe to talk about their SEMH needs and all staff are able to support effectively.

The SEMH school Health Check (schools and SILCs) and the MindMate Assessment Tool (Children’s Centres) provide a robust self-evaluation tool for settings based on the latest evidence-based good practice and research within SEMH

Our 18-19 conference series has been through an initial quality control process to ensure they are designed to support Future in Mind: Leeds to:

  • Raise practitioners’ awareness of aspects of Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) in children & young people
  • Allow Practitioners to promote positive SEMH in children & young people within their setting
  • Allow practitioners to identify early indicators of SEMH issues
  • Provide practitioners with strategies for early intervention and preventative measures
  • Give practitioners the knowledge, skills and resources to support children & young people in developing positive SEMH.
  • Helping practitioners working positively with other agencies

Our conferences will not:

  • Give practitioners the capacity to diagnose Mental Health conditions
  • Give practitioners the skills and expertise to resolve serious Mental Health conditions
  • Qualify delegates to be Mental Health practitioners – unless accredited to do so