MindMate Friendly and MindMate Champions

Social Emotional Mental Health self-review tool and teaching resource

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What is MindMate Friendly and MindMate Champions programme?

The MindMate Friendly and MindMate Champion programme is a whole school and setting approach to Social Emotional Mental Health. The online self-evaluation tool supports schools and settings to work through the following 10 strands:

 Schools and settings are encouraged to take a whole school approach in order to:

Self-review tool and teaching resource

If you are a Leeds school or setting, then, through a Service Level Agreement (SLA), you have access to the MindMate Lessons teaching resource and the MindMate Friendly and Champion programme. To find out more about the Leeds Health & Wellbeing Service SLA please click here. 

MindMate Lessons teaching resource

MindMate Lessons teaching resource

  • Spiral SEMH curriculum from KS1 to KS4 to fit into your PSHE curriculum
  • Six themes covering all main life issues
  • Six lessons per year plus extras such as assemblies and focus modules
  • PowerPoint lessons and Word lesson plans for easy use and edit
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MindMate Friendly and MindMate Champions programme

MindMate Friendly and MindMate Champions programme

  • A whole school/setting approach to evaluate SEMH
  • Self-review tool
  • Consultant Support
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Engagement Map

Please use this map to find out which settings have registered and where they are located. You can use the zoom button to help you.


Newly Registered

Corpus Christi Catholic College
Sharp Lane Primary School
Springwell Leeds Academy (East)
Colton Primary School
Hawksworth C of E Primary School
Rothwell St Mary's
East SILC - John Jamieson* (through SILC) Roger Cannon Site
Pudsey Grammar School