MindMate Friendly and MindMate Champions

What is the MindMate Champion programme?

MindMate Champions is the second phase of the programme, in which you conduct an evidence-based intervention and demonstrate its impact.

The second stage, following successfully gaining MindMate Friendly status,  is achieving MindMate Champion Status, which is an enhancement model. Schools/settings which have self- validated as a MindMate friendly, can then engage with the MindMate  Champion stage. The Champion programme supports schools and settings to develop their wider thinking and planning in order to continue to achieve improved outcomes across one aspect of their SEMH provision or practice. Using pupil perception data from the My Health My School survey, or other school survey, schools/settings will identify at least one specific SEMH area to improve on. They will implement an action plan outlining their focus, which includes qualitative and/or quantitative data to measure impact on either targeted or universal provision. Assessment of outcomes will be shared through a case study, describing outcomes and impact.

Please click here to review the  case study document .  The case study document is a reflection tool that has been designed to including the relevant context, measurement, actions, outcomes, reflections and next steps. A key part of the case study is capturing baseline and follow-up data to demonstrate the difference made, and the My Health, My School Survey is a great tool to help you generate and analyse this information. Support with completing the case study is available from your Healthy Schools consultant. 

If you are logged in, you can download the full guidance document for MindMate Champion status by clicking here.