MindMate Champions

MindMate Champions is an evidence based self-evaluation, action planning and recognition programme for schools, SILCs and Children’s Centres and is part of the prevention element of Future in Mind: Leeds. A strategy to improve the social, emotional, mental health (SEMH) and wellbeing of children and young people aged 0-25 years.

What is a MindMate Champion?

What is a MindMate Champion setting and why is it important?

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The programme

How can we become a MindMate friendly setting?

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MindMate training

Listings of upcoming training and conferences for the 2018-9 academic year

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MindMate Lessons

A brand new and exciting Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) curriculum for KS1-4

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Our ethos & values

The ethos & values that underpin MindMate Champions

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Booking & cancellations

An overview of our bookings and cancellations policy

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